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What is NNCC?

We are a grassroots, not‐for‐profit, organization designed to help network people within our rural communities as they address issues of aging and/or living alone. Our model is a variant of the Village Movement concept, which has grown in popularity throughout the US in response to concerns expressed by those wishing to remain in their own homes as they age.

Why is NNCC needed?

Columbia County has the third oldest population in New York State, with the number of those over age 65 expected to increase dramatically by 2030. The area we serve is largely rural, with limited or no public transportation, many people with no family or nearby neighbors, and the need to travel over 15 miles in order to reach the closest city with both shopping and hospitals.

What age group do we serve?

NNCC’s targeted membership is individuals age 55+, though younger individuals who need support services may also join. Volunteers of any age are welcome to provide member support.

What is our geographic scope?

NNCC serves six townships in northern Columbia
County—Austerlitz, Canaan, Chatham, Ghent, Kinderhook and New Lebanon, Stuyvesant—a geographic area of about 250 square miles that is home to some 7,500 people over age 60.

What does membership cost?

An individual membership is $75 and a family membership (max 3 people) is $125 annually. Those who are Volunteers only do not pay a fee.

Do I have to volunteer in order to be a member?

Though volunteering is encouraged as part of NNCC’s mission of neighbors helping neighbors, it is not required.

Why should I join NNCC if I already have family and/or friends nearby?

Those of us who have friends and family in the area are lucky, indeed. However, there will be times when they are unavailable and having a group of NNCC members willing to help will greatly increase the likelihood of someone being there when needed.